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full screen mirror monitor with camera, dvr,bluetooth, adas

The newest technology for full display mirror monitor with camera. 

car mirror camera systems

car mirror camera system


The Full Display Mirror Camera System is a high-tech solution for safe and convenient driving. It features Blind Spot Detection (BSD) and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) to help prevent accidents. It also includes a Dual DVR for recording, Driving Track Playback for reviewing past driving footage, and a Rear View Camera for clear 1080P 60fps video of what’s behind you. With its sleek design and advanced features, this system is perfect for drivers who want the ultimate in safety and convenience on the road.

products list of rear view mirror camera


8.88 Inch Full Screen Mirror Camera Support ADAS BSD, Dual DVR,HD1080P 60fps


8.88 Inch Rear View Mirror Monitor with Dual DVR, Front and Rear View Camera Support


8.88 Inch Full Display Mirror Monitor Support One Rear View Camera 


10.88 Inch Full Screen Mirror Camera Support ADAS BSD, Dual DVR,1080P 60fps

Mirror Camera for car

full mirror camera solution

The full display mirror camera system is designed to provide drivers with a safer and more convenient driving experience. The system includes a high-resolution camera that captures a wide-angle view of the road behind the vehicle, which is displayed on a full-screen LCD mirror. This eliminates the need for a separate rearview mirror and provides a much larger and clearer view of the surroundings.

The system also offers a variety of mounting options to ensure compatibility with different vehicle models and interiors. The camera can be mounted on the license plate, rear window, or other locations depending on the vehicle’s design. Additionally, the system is equipped with advanced features such as night vision and parking guidelines to further enhance safety and convenience.

rear view camera optional

xternal cameras are mounted outside the vehicle, typically on the license plate or rear bumper, providing a wider field of view. They connect to the display monitor inside the vehicle using a cable. External cameras can be more flexible in terms of placement and angle adjustment, but they require more installation work than internal cameras. They are often used for larger vehicles or specialized applications, such as commercial trucks or RVs, where a wider rear view is necessary for safety and maneuverability.

rear view camera for inside

Our built-in rearview cameras are designed to be discreetly installed on the inside of the rear windshield. This placement allows for a clear view of the area behind the vehicle, without obstructing the driver’s vision. The camera captures high-quality images and transmits them to the full display mirror or other compatible display devices, providing enhanced safety and convenience for drivers. The built-in design also offers a neat and streamlined appearance, seamlessly blending in with the vehicle’s interior.


Our full display mirror camera system comes with a variety of mounting options to fit different vehicle models and brands. This ensures that customers can easily install the system in their vehicle without any compatibility issues. Our brackets are specifically designed for each vehicle model to ensure a secure and stable installation. We understand that each vehicle has different interior designs and dimensions, so our team works closely with customers to find the best mounting solution for their specific vehicle. Overall, our system offers a hassle-free and flexible solution for customers who want to upgrade their vehicle with a high-quality rearview camera system.

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