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7 Inch Wireless AI Reverse Camera System For Heavy duty

core functionality of the system lies in its integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, especially in performing blind spot detection. system uses AI algorithms to analyze video data from the camera to identify and warn drivers in real time about pedestrians and other obstacles in the blind spot behind the vehicle, significantly improving driving safety. Through this intelligent monitoring, the system reduces the driver’s blind spot and decreases the risk of accidents

cm-718MAHD-MDW--7 Inch Wireless AI Reversing Camera System

wireless AI reverse camera monitoring system provides a comprehensive rear view safety monitoring solution for commercial trucks. system combines AI Artificial Intelligence technology to analyze the rear environment in real time through the HD rear view camera, intelligently identifying pedestrians and vehicles behind the frame up, and also gives an audible warning when the vehicle is in close proximity to an object, which greatly improves driving safety. rear view monitor comes with a 7 inch HD IPS display. wireless TX&RX box unit converts the wired signal transmission between the monitor and the camera to wireless, solving the complex wiring problem.The IP69K rated waterproof AI camera and 110° wide viewing angle provide reliable monitoring in bad weather and wide areas. Finally, the system is equipped with a reversing guide cable to further enhance reversing safety.

HD Wireless AI Reverse Camera System

system consists of a 7 inch AHD rear view car monitor 【connect Wireless Receive Video Signal Box (RX)】
& AI Reverse Camera 【Connect Wireless Transmission Video Signal Box (TX)】

Car Rear View Monitors&(RX) Wireless Receiver BOX
Screen Size: 7 Inch IPS LCD Screen【16:9 Ratio】
Screen Resolution: 1024*RGB*600【HD】
TV System: PAL NTSC Automatically
Power Supply: DC12V-24V
Operation: Backlight Touch Button + Remote Control
(Right Side Design)
Video & Audio Input: 3 Video Channels AHD Signal Input
1 Audio Channel Input (Built-in Speaker)
Menu Setting: OSD Menu, Brightness, Contrast, Color, Volume,
Flip Down(mirror or non-mirror) etc;
Parking Line (Reversing Track)
AI Reverse Camera&(TX) Wireless Transmitter BOX
Waterproof Level: IP69K
Image Sensor: CMOS
Resolution: 1280*720P
View Angle: 110°(D) in Horizontal
AI Recognition Algorithm: Delay 120MS Within The Range of 0-15km/Hour
AI Detection Distance: 50M
TV System: PAL or NTSC, Standard is With PAL System
How the system works?
The AI Camera Captures The Video Signal And Converts It To A Wireless Signal Via A Wireless Transmission Box (Tx Box). The Wireless Transmission Receiver Box (Rx Box) Receives The Wireless Signal, Converts It To A Wired Signal, And Then Transmits The Signal To A Wired Monitor. In This Way, The Images Captured By The Camera Can Be Displayed On The Wired Display By Means Of Wireless Transmission And Wired Connection, Realizing The Compatibility Between Wireless Transmission And Wired Devices. This Solution Provides A Convenient, Flexible And Efficient Way Of Video Transmission, Which Is Especially Suitable For Scenarios Where Wired Connections Are Inconvenient Or Not Easy To Make.

❶ wireless AI rear view camera monitoring system provides a comprehensive safety monitoring solution specifically for commercial trucks through its leading AI technology. system’s rear view camera utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze road conditions in real time, enabling it to accurately identify and warn drivers of potential pedestrians and vehicles behind them, thereby significantly improving safety while driving.

❷ wireless transmission and reception TX&RX box solves the complexity of the traditional wired installation process, making the installation of the device easy. Simply connect the wireless transmitter box (TX) to the AI camera and then connect the wireless receiver box (RX) to the rear view monitor. This connection realizes the transition from wired to wireless signal transmission between the camera and the monitor, simplifying the traditional wiring process.

❸ Rear View monitor in this system utilizes a 7-inch IPS display (1024*600) with HD resolution, providing the driver with a clear and wide-angle view. Supporting 3 AHD video signal inputs, the default wired connection mode allows the driver to monitor up to 3 different camera angles at the same time, dramatically increasing the field of view coverage. This is especially critical for large vehicles that require a comprehensive field of view to ensure driving safety. With this configuration, the driver can easily see to the left, right and rear of the vehicle to effectively prevent potential blind spot accidents. This feature is especially valuable for large vehicles driving in tight urban environments, dramatically improving visibility around the vehicle and reducing accidents caused by blind spots.

❹ AI camera itself is weather resistant, with its IP69K rated waterproof ensuring stable operation in any adverse weather conditions.110° wide viewing angle lens covers a wide rear area, it intelligently recognizes pedestrians and other vehicles in the framed image and warns the driver with real-time visual alerts and audible alarms on the display. camera not only recognizes stationary objects, but also detects moving objects, such as walking.
 Pedestrians and other vehicles, delivering critical information in a timely manner enhancing the driver’s perception of the surrounding Environment.

❺ During backing up or reversing, an auxiliary guide line on the monitor helps the driver determine vehicle’s rear-end boundary, which is crucial for anticipating parking positions and avoiding hitting obstacles. This feature is especially useful in environments where visibility is limited or space is tight.

System Detail Information


❶ Equipped with a 7-inch high-definition display, it can provide clear and detailed image display.
❷ Supports 3-channel AHD video signal input, which can connect up to 3 video signal screens. In addition to this system, when applied to other large vehicles, it can provide multi-angle area monitoring screen of the vehicle.
❸ Adopts the right side design touch button with sensitive feedback.

❶ content of the label on the back of the body supports modification and customization
❷ “Semi-circular fan” shaped bracket supports 360° rotation, Always adjust to the most suitable viewing angle

❶ Blind Spot Detection feature monitors the blind spot area behind the vehicle. When another vehicle enters the blind spot area, the camera will automatically sound an alarm through the monitor’s horn to alert the driver of potential hazards in the blind spot area.
❷ Equipped with advanced pedestrian and vehicle detection technology. It recognizes pedestrians and vehicles on the road and avoids collisions with pedestrians and other vehicles.
❸ When backing up, the AI Rear view Camera displays a real-time image of the rear of the vehicle and superimposes a reversing line on the display to assist the driver in backing up.

【TX&RX Wireless transmission receiving video signal box】
housing is made of aluminum alloy and is IP68 rated for water resistance.

Wireless transmission video box TX connects to the AI camera, wireless reception video box RX connects to the monitor, the ultimate goal is to realize the wired signal connection between them into a wireless video signal connection, thus reducing the unnecessary wiring problems.

Monitor Touch Button Panel Function Introduction, easy operation.

M: 19.5*11.4*5.5 CM  (7.7″*4.5″*2.16″)
C: 7.5*7.3*5.5 CM  (2.95″*2.87″*2.16)
T/RX: 10*7*2.4 CM  (3.94″*2.75″*0.94″)

monitor’s power cord is connected to RX box’s corresponding 4PIN airline socket via a 4PIN airline plug, and RX box is connected to the vehicle’s power system via its own power cord. The camera is also connected to the TX box’s 4PIN airline socket using a 4PIN airline plug, and the TX box is also connected to the vehicle’s power supply via a dedicated power cord. Once these connections are made and the power is turned on, the pairing of the wireless video signal between the monitor and the camera will be completed automatically, allowing the wireless video surveillance system to be up and running quickly.

【Installation diagram of the system solution】

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