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4.3 Inch Wireless Pickup Car Backup Camera System

The system consists of 4.3 inch monitor and wireless backup camera, providing the driver with a clear view of the rear to help visualise safe reversing. Utilising 2.4G wireless technology, installation is made quick and easy, eliminating the need for complicated cable routing. Suitable for all types of vehicles, such as family cars, SUVs and pickup trucks.

4.3 Inch Digital Wireless WI-FI Backup Camera System

CM-430MDW Wireless backup camera system consists of 4.3 inch monitor and wireless reversing camera that provides clear rear vision to ensure drivers can operate safely when reversing and avoid unnecessary collisions. The system utilises WIFI for wireless video signal transmission and is easy to install without the need for cumbersome wire connections. It is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, SUVs and pickup trucks, and significantly enhances the safety and convenience of reversing.


System Features
1. Custom Kit System for Convenient Parking Assistance.
2. Includes All Necessary Cables & Wiring for Installation.
3. This is ideal for cars, trucks, SUV, UTV or any vehicle(Less than 30feet) where you want to add a backup camera or see front/side/under vehicle.
4. Quick and simple setup.
5. System can be installed to turn on only when vehicle is in reverse, Or wired for continuous viewing. This is based on your connection method.
6. The display can be mounted on the dashboard or windshield
7. New Smart Switch comes with 6 functions including on/off guide lines, flip images mirrored/facing/horizontal flip/vertical flip, adjust the width/length/downward angle for guide lines
The Monitor Equipped With Bracket. (You Can Install The Monitor On The Dashboard or Windshield As You Like)
The Camera Mounted on License Plate Frame
*We Recommend Doing a Benchmark Test Before Installation To Ensure That All Components Are Working Properly.
»»Powered By The Cigarette Lighter Using The Adapter (on/off) For Continuous Driving Use. Be Sure To Insert The Red and Black Wire Appropriately +/- and Tighten The Screws To Hold Firmly in Place.

4.3 inch digital wireless reversing camera system effectively solves the problem of traditional rearview mirror’s blind spot by transmitting clear images in real time to the in-car monitor via a wireless camera. The camera features IP68 waterproof standard and night vision to ensure high quality image output in all weather and lighting conditions, complemented by parking assist lines to increase reversing accuracy and safety. In addition, its P/N video format switching function and wide voltage range from 12V to 24V make it suitable for a wide range of car models. This rear view camera system not only reduces the possibility of reversing accidents, but also enhances the safety and protection of drivers and pedestrians by providing comprehensive rear view.

System Detail Information

CM-430MDW (1)

❶ Monitor mounted on the front windshield of pickup truck.
❷ Reverse camera mounted on the rear license plate.

❶ 4.3 inch LCD Color screen monitor, dedicated monitor for wireless transmission, and ensure more stable wireless signal with external antenna.
❷ 2 channels video input (single channel full screen display & dual split screen).

IP68 waterproof 120° in horizonal angle view. the light sensor underneath the camera lens detects light changes and will automatically turn on the ir “lights” at night, or in low light conditions, so that the image is clearer (b&w image).

Description of monitor key functions (overall easy operation)

3.6*2.2*2.9 CM  (1.42″*0.87″*1.14″)
11.5*7.8*2.6 CM  (4.53″*3.07″*0.45″)

❶ Monitor connects to vehicle power with cigarette lighter adapter.
❷ Camera can be connected to the vehicle’s taillight power supply.

CM-430MDW (5)

wireless backup camera x1;
power cable with transmitter x1;
dc cable + power cable x1;
cigarette lighter adapter x1;
4.3 inch monitor x1;
suction cup bracket x1;
sticker x3 / ties x2 / adaptors x1;
cord clip x2;

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