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7 Inch HD DVR Wireless Travel Trailer Camera System

Aotop’s latest trailer RV safety solution dramatically improves safety and convenience on the road by providing full field of view coverage and ease of operation through an advanced wireless camera system.

cm-718mdw-1--DVR HD 7 Inch Wireless Travel Trailer Camera Monitoring System

DVR Wireless Travel Trailer Camera System

system consists of 7 inch wireless car monitors & Wireless Right/Left/Rear View Camera For Towable RV
& Wireless Rear View Camera for tractor-trailer

Wireless Car Monitors
DVR Function: Real-Time Car Recording With (Max. 128GB Storage Card)
Screen Size: 7 Inch IPS Screen (Quad Split View)
Screen Resolution: 1024*600 (HD)
Luminance: 500cd/㎡
Operation: Right Design Backlight Touch Button
Viewing Angle: Hor. L(85) R(85) Ver. UP(85) DOWN(85)
Video Input: 4 Video Signal Inputs / HD Images 1080p
Transmission Distance: 300M In The Open Area
Delay: 120mS
Operating Frequency: 2400 ~ 2483.5MHz
Receive Sensitivity: -89dBm@4MHZ
Power Supply: DC12V-24V
Housing Material: PC+ABS (Plastic Injection Moulding)
Wireless Right/Left/Rear View Cameras For Towable RV
Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz~2.4835GHz
Power Supply: 150mA/12V
Latency: Less than 200ms
Transmission Power: 26dBm
Spread Spectrum: FHSS
Transmission Distance: 1650ft (barrier free)
Image Sensor: 1/2.7''HD
IR Control: Smart IR-CUT 650nm Day/850nm Night Auto
● With 6pcs high light LEDs can directly replace the original RV warning light and clearance light
● Open area up to 1640ft(500M) long-distance wireless signal, 26dBm transmitted power
● Waterproof IP69K,120 ° wide view angle
● Super night vision,11pcs IR light with 10M range, support IR-CUT
Wireless Rear View Camera for tractor-trailer
Sensor: 1/2.7’’COMS HD
White Balance: Auto
Operation Frequency: 2.4GHz--2.4835GHz
Transmission Distance: 300m(984ft)
Transmission Power: 23dB
Latency: Less 200ms
Spread Spectrum: FHSS
RF Bit Rate: 12Mbps
Power Supply: DC 10-18V
● Camera with flat cable design, powered from the license plate light, applied for both backing up&driving observation
● 160º wide view angle
● Waterproof IP69K
● 6pcs high-bright LEDs assist driving at night

❶ This towable RV wireless camera system solves the problem that traditional towing vehicle mirrors do not provide adequate rear RV visibility. It includes a 7 inch wireless rear view car monitor and 4 wireless car cameras, all of which use 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission technology to ensure stable signal transmission and clear image display.

❷ Wireless Car monitor is installed in the cab of the tractor, with a 1024*600 resolution IPS display, supporting quad-split display, which allows the driver to understand the surroundings of the tractor trailer at the same time, without the need to cumbersomely switch between different camera views. Touch buttons next to the display are responsive, allowing drivers to easily switch video feeds and adjust system settings. Further, the built-in 128GB memory card offers the possibility of real-time recording for driving safety and supports a playback function when required, which is particularly important in the event of an accident, providing a basis for liability determination.

❸ A special wireless license plate rear view camera is fitted at the rear of the towing vehicle, which is responsible for monitoring the connection points in real time when towing a caravan to ensure safety. When the towing vehicle is traveling alone, the camera transforms into a reversing assist system that provides a clear view of the rear, significantly reducing the blind spot behind.

❹ A wireless camera is mounted on the left, right and rear of the trailer RV, each with LED reflectors, which not only improves warning capabilities at night, but also enhances visibility of the vehicle, adding a layer of safety on the road. The side cameras monitor the blind spots in the left and right areas of the RV, helping drivers make safer decisions when turning and changing lanes. And the rear camera not only provides rear-view capability, but also overlays reverse guide lines on the screen to make backing operations easier and safer.

❺ night vision function is standard on all cameras, which ensures that clear images can be captured at night or in low-light conditions. The IP69K waterproof design of the cameras means that they can work stably in all kinds of bad weather conditions, without fear of rain or snow.

❻ application of this system in trailer caravans and related vehicles not only significantly improves safety, but also brings a superior driving experience and unparalleled comfort on the road.

System Detail Information


AOTOP 7 Inch Wireless Trailer Travel Caravan Camera Monitoring Safety Solutions

❶ Equipped with a 128GB internal memory card, the monitor is capable of supporting real-time recording of 4-way HD camera signals while providing ready-to-use real-time playback.
❷ Featuring a 7-inch IPS display with 1024*600 HD resolution, it provides drivers with a clear and accurate picture.

❶ monitor supports quad split mode, allowing drivers to view video images from 4 different directions at the same time.
❷ It also supports 1-channel audio signal input and is equipped with a speaker system, which realizes the function of synchronized sound playback from 1-channel camera, providing drivers with a more comprehensive perceptual experience.


The semi-circular, fan-shaped stand design allows the monitor to be easily angled 360° to ensure the best possible viewing angle in any driving situation.(Other mounting brackets are available)

All cameras are equipped with night vision to provide a clear view in low-light environments, while supporting 1080p HD resolution to ensure that detailed, high-definition images can be captured day or night.

【Monitor Panel Functions】


①: 19.5*11.4*5.5 CM  (7.7″*4.5″*2.16″)
②: 21*7*5.3 CM  (8.27″*2.75″*2.1″)
③: 16.5*10.8*7 CM  (6.5″*4.25″*2.75″)
④: 8.6*5 CM  (3.38″*1.97″)

wireless camera and monitor are powered independently of each other, and the real-time video signal captured by the camera is sent directly to the monitor for display via wireless transmission, enabling instant visual feedback.

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