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Wireless work light camera system for night operation of agricultural machinery

This wireless worklight camera system for agricultural machinery significantly improves the efficiency and safety of agricultural operations, making nighttime operations possible while reducing operational blind spots through high-definition video surveillance. Its IP68-rated waterproof design and easy installation make it adaptable to a variety of operating environments. The high-resolution display and multi-camera inputs provide operators with a clear, wide-angle view of the field, further improving operational accuracy and monitoring quality.

cm-708MDW-1--7 Inch 1080p AHD Wireless Work Light Camera System For Agricltural

AOTOP Wireless Farm Work light Camera System is designed to improve the safety and efficiency of farm operations at night or in low light conditions. The system provides operators with a clear view through the integrated high definition camera and strong work light, reducing blind spots during operations and minimizing potential safety risks. Real-time video is transmitted to the monitor in the cab, enabling the operator to monitor and adjust the operating status of the farm machinery in a timely manner, improving the accuracy and efficiency of operations. Wireless connectivity reduces installation complexity and makes the system easy to apply on different agricultural machines, thus increasing its applicability and flexibility

Wireless Work Light Camera System

system consists of a 7 inch wireless rear view car monitor & a wired work light camera connected to a wireless video signal transmission box

Wireless Rear View Monitor
Waterproof Rating: IP68
Screen Size/Type: 7 Inch IPS Screen
Video Display Mode: Video Display Mode
Screen Resolution: 1024*600 (HD)
Luminance: 500cd/㎡
Transmission Distance: 300M In The Open Area
Delay: 120mS
Power Supply: DC12V-24V
Menu Setting: OSD Menu, Brightness, Language, Contrast, Volume, Flip Down(mirror or non-mirror) etc; Parking Guideline Display
Wired Work Light Camera With Wireless Transmitter (TX)BOX
Night Vision: 8pcs White Light IR LED Lamp
Power Supply: DC12V
Resolution: HD 720P/1080P
Connection plug(connector): Aviation 4PIN Female
View Angle: 120°(D) In Diagonal
Feature: Widely Used In Night Work, Construction Machinery, Equipment and Vehicles In Low-Light Environments

❶ wireless work light camera system for agricultural machinery is a safety monitoring solution designed for agricultural machinery vehicles. The system consists of three parts: a wireless rearview monitor, a wired work light camera and a wireless video transmission box.

❷ work light camera is not only used as a lighting device, but its built-in camera is also capable of providing 1080P HD video signal to ensure clear images. This camera has a night vision function that makes it possible to capture images in no or low light conditions, making it ideal for nighttime farm operations. The night vision and camera functions of the work light camera can be powered separately, allowing the user to turn on only the camera function during the day and both the light and camera functions at night as needed, adding to the flexibility of the system.

❸ system’s wireless video transmission box is responsible for receiving the video signal from the wired work light camera, converting it to a wireless signal, and transmitting it to the 7-inch wireless rearview monitor. The monitor supports 4AV inputs, meaning that up to four camera inputs can be connected to provide the user with a more comprehensive view. The monitor also includes a P/N (PAL/NTSC) system switching function to accommodate different video formats.

❹ entire system is designed with durability and user convenience in mind, and supports IP68-rated waterproofing standards to ensure stable operation in a variety of harsh agricultural work environments. Both the camera and the transmission box are waterproof and resistant to liquids such as rain and irrigation water. In addition, the system has a DC input voltage range of 12-24V, which is suitable for many types of agricultural machinery vehicles. The system monitor is also designed with an auxiliary parking line feature to help make backing up or parking more precise when operating farm machinery.

❺ installation process of the whole system is simple and does not require complicated wiring work, which greatly reduces the installation time and labor intensity, and makes it easy for farm machinery operators to install and maintain the system on their own.

System Detail Information

CM-708MDW (4)

monitor has a special IP68 waterproof design to ensure that it can still work properly in wet, rainy or harsh environments, free from moisture. The screen with high resolution (1024*600) and a wide field of view (2 or 4 ways split screen mode),can provides a clear and expansive image display. 7 inch screen size is ideal for use in limited spaces such as vehicle cockpits, engineering sites or outdoor facilities. Whether for industrial applications or outdoor environments, our 7 inch waterproof displays operate reliably and stably, providing users with an excellent visual experience and work support.

❶ Car Wireless Rear view Monitor features a 7 inch HD IPS display with a resolution of 1024×600.
❷ In order to comply with the IP68 waterproof requirement, the monitor panel is designed with touch buttons.

❶ protective case of the monitor is constructed of sturdy aluminum alloy.
❷ main cable is equipped with a magnetic ring, which can effectively avoid the problem of signal interference.
❸ paper label on the back of the machine can be customized to adapt to the commercial customization of the company, and business needs. 

❶ Camera With IP68 Waterproof, Dustproof and Durable Characteristics, Can Adapt To a Variety Of Complex Working Environment.
❷ 8 IR LEDs Lamp High Intensity Illumination, Making Nighttime Work More Efficient and Safer. The Illumination Feature Ensures That the Work Area Is Bright and Helps the Driver to Perform Their Tasks Better.
❸ magnetic base optional design allows the work light camera to be easily secured to any area on the farm machine that needs to be illuminated.

【Introduction To Monitor Panel Operation】

19.8*15.3*6.8 CM  (7.8″*6″*2.68″)
TX: 10*7*2.4 CM  (3.9″*2.4″*1.05″)
C:  4.7*4.6*1.6 CM  (1.85″*0.94″*0.63″)

system comes with a wireless monitor with dual antennas, a wireless transmitter, and a multi-function LED work light camera. The monitor is independently powered and displays images in real time, while the wireless transmitter is responsible for sending the images captured by the work light camera to the monitor. system supports up to four camera inputs and is compatible with 12-24V DC power supplies, making it suitable for a wide range of agricultural machinery, providing a clear view and illumination for night work.

❶ Wireless car monitor are installed in the cabs of farm machinery to ensure that the operator has a real-time view of the external operating environment while driving and operating the farm machinery. Monitors are usually positioned in easy-to-see, non-obstructive locations so that the operator can quickly access information while maintaining control of the farm machinery.                                                 ▶▶▶

▶▶▶ ❷ work light camera is mounted in the critical operating area of the farm machine, which ensures that the operating area is adequately illuminated and has a clear view of the monitor. The camera is connected to a wireless transmission box, which simplifies the installation process by eliminating the need for complex wiring. The wireless transmission box receives the video signal captured by the work light camera and sends it wirelessly to the monitor in the cab so that the operator can monitor the environment around the farm machine and the operation status in real time.

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