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8.88 Inch Electronic DVR Car Rear View Mirror Cameras System

T91 1080p electronic rear view mirror camera system includes an 8.88 inch electronic rearview mirror and front & rear view cameras that provide drivers with car recording function and backup assistance.

8.88" DVR Electronic Reversing Rear View Mirror Camera System

Aotop‘s electronic rearview mirror dual camera monitoring system consists of an HD digital rearview mirror and two 1080p cameras (front and rear view cameras), both providing a wide angle view. The system provides comprehensive driving record and reverse view monitoring. The electronic rear view mirror supports full-screen touch operation. The system has excellent night vision function to ensure the safety of driving at night.

HD Rear View Mirror Monitor Camera System

System consists of 8.88 inch Touch Screen Rear View Mirror Monitor & 1080P Front View Camera1080P Reversing Camera

DVR 8.88 Inch Rear View Mirror Monitor
Screen Size: 8.88 Inch IPS LCD Screen (Touch Screen)
Screen Resolution: 1920*480
Brightness: High brightness 600cd/m2
Contract: 800:1
Operation: Touch Button and 1 Piece Power Button
Video Input: 2 AV Inputs
Full Screen Display / 2 Split View
Main Features:
1. Brightness Adjustment
2. View Angle Adjustment
3. Dual DVR Recording
4. Video File Playback
Card Slot: Support MAX 128GB TF Card
Power Supply: DC12V
Power: ACC B+ GND
Reverse Response Time: Power On<2s, Power Off<3s
Maximum Current: ≤1.0A
Mounting Bracket: Universal 7# bracket
(Over 100+ types bracket to fit most cars)
1080P Front View Camera
Waterproof Level: Non-Waterproof
Installed On The Front Windshield With 3M Sticker
Night Vision: Yes, Built-in Light Sensor
Image Display: Normal Image As Front View
Lens: 6 Glass Lens, f/1.8
Resolution: 1920*1080P
Power Supply: DC12V
1080P Reversing Camera
Waterproof Level: IP69K
Night Vision: Built-in light sensor
Resolution: 1920*1080p
Power Supply: DC12V
View Angle: 130°(D) in diagonal
Connection plug(connector): Aviation 4PIN female
Material Of Housing: Aluminum alloy

E-mirror System Detail Information

T91 (9)

High definition IPS LCD display, resolution up to 1920×480, wide viewing angle, 2CH dual-split screen display front and rear view images. High brightness screen, in sunlit environment, can present clear visual information. Can avoid the glare problem caused by the reflection of the traditional rear view mirror.

Built-in night vision function camera captures clear images even in low light conditions, ensuring safe driving at night. This feature compensates for the limited field of view of traditional rear view mirrors in low-light conditions.

❶ Viewing angles of the front & rear cameras are 110° and 130°, respectively, for wide visualisation coverage.
❷ Electronic rear view mirror built-in memory card can records live image footage from both cameras in real time. Car recording is indispensable for recording accidents on the road and can provide reliable evidence for insurance claims.

When the vehicle is put into reverse, the system automatically switches to display full screen image from the rear camera, complete with guide lines that assist in safe parking and maneuvering.

❶ System rear view camera default outside the car outside the car reversing camera.
❷ Optional in-vehicle model reversing camera, the internal performance of the two are the same, only the difference in the coverage of the visual area, You can choose the right type of camera according to your needs.

With the right side removable memory card design, drivers can easily remove the memory card from the device to quickly transfer critical driving video data to a computer for saving or further analysis.

Over 100+ mounting brackets for mounting on all makes of vehicles (Toyota,Honda,Ford,Chevrolet,Volkswagen,
Jaguar,Land Rover).

M: 24.9*7.6*1.7 CM  (9.8″*3″*0.67″)
F&C: 11.6*6.8*3.9 CM  (4.57″*2.68″*1.53″)
R&C: 5.5*3.4*3.9 CM  (2.16″*1.34″*1.53″)

【Packaging & accessories】
Packed in 34.5*11.2*16.8CM white box

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